Can Child Support Be Modified Retroactive to The Date a Parent Stopped Exercising Timesharing?

The answer is YES. While the normal rule is that a child support modification can only be retroactive back to the date a petition requesting the same is filed, this is an exception to that rule. Section 61.30(11)(c), Florida Statutes, authorizes the Court to modify child support based on a parent’s failure to exercise timesharing and to make such modification retroactive back to the date that exercise of timesharing stopped.

DID YOU KNOW You Can File to Modify Child Support Even if Your Child Has Turned 18

If you have grounds for a modification of child support, you can still file to make that happen, even if your child has already turned 18, so long as they are still in high school with a reasonable expectation of graduating before they turn 19.

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Are You Looking to Terminate a Domestic Violence Injunction?

If you have an injunction for domestic violence or stalking against you but the injunction is no longer needed, we can file a request for the Court to terminate that injunction. For instance, if circumstances have changed, if you or the other party have moved far away from each other, if the injunction is many years old and there has been no contact with the other party, you have a right to have the Court review the need for that injunction to continue.

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