Alimony and Attorney's Fees CAN be Ordered During the Pendency of an Action Despite Language to the Contrary in an Antenuptial Agreement ("Prenup")

 Despite language in an antenuptial agreement (commonly known as a "Prenup"), or in a post-nuptial ageement for that matter, where one party has agreed to be awarded no alimony or assistance with attorney's fees in the event of a dissolution of marriage or separation, the Court DOES have the power to award alimony or attorney's fees on a temporary basis while such an action is pending.

See Belcher v. Belcher, So. 2d 7 (Florida 1972).

While most attorneys will require a retainer prior to taking any case, it is important to know that you can still request financial assistance for both household bills and other needs, as well as reimbursement or assitance with future attorney's fees (and court costs), during the pendency of your divorce or action for alimoy connected with a divorce (separation needs), despite having waived the right to financial assistance in a pre or post nuptial agreement!

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