The Importance of Having an Attorney Handle Your Will...Life's too short not to.

A Will is your last testament of how you desire your property and personal belongings to be distributed. Most importantly, it is also your last chance, if you are a parent of minor children, to express who you want to become legal guardian(s) of your children, and who you choose to distribute or put into a Trust, as a Trustee, any of your assets or personal property for your children, as those children become the age of your choice (18, 21, 25, 30?) A will is also the ultimate tool to prevent loved ones from getting upset with each other over things that are preventable by YOUR will and YOUR written statements about why you are leaving what you are leaving.  Specific sentimental or explanatory statements can be made in your will, if so desired.

It is extremely important to have a Family or Probate Law Attorney draft and complete this for you.  There are many very specific laws regarding the provisions and signing of wills that, if done incorrectly, could completely invalidate your will!  Beware of online services.  Have the peace of mind that comes with having a local certified attorney prepare and do the signing ceremony for your Last Will and Testament.

The Law Office of Summer R. Nichols has handled hundreds of Wills and enjoys the opportunity to make you and your loved ones feel at ease knowing that things were done right, and that your children are taken care of in accordance with your specific wishes, in the event of your untimely death.

Please consider taking care of this now.  Life is too short not to.